Saturday, December 29, 2012

Montezuma Tour Update Machine

We're currently in Cincinnati, Ohio about to embark to Columbus for night 3 of our 5 night tour. Here's a video for the folks back home

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Montezuma Survivor Machine

If you read this, you survived the Mayan Apocalyse. Cheers!

We're doing a few dates in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee to cap off 2012. It's been a great year playing in new cities, meeting new people, and making new music for you guys. We have big things on the horizon that we're really stoked for.

Here are the deetz:

12/27-Louisville, KY at Zazoos with We Are Not Alone, Ut Gret, and Mercy Academy
12/28-Cincinatti, OH TBA
12/29-Columbus, OH at Bernie's Distillery with Friction and Rosalie's Lucid Dreams
12/30-Lexington, KY at Al's Bar with Ford Theater Reunion
12/31-Franklin, TN at the Pond with Funkonauts and Deep Fried Five

We'll be heading out with some merch as well! We have lighters, koozies, and shirts as well as physical copies of Frown Like A Lord.

More from us soon

Friday, November 30, 2012

Montezuma November Update Machine

Hello! It's been a while since the previous update but the Bunker now has a new router!

Quick recap of recent events: 
We played Funksgiving at the Walnut House in Murfreesboro, TN with our good buddies the Funkonauts and Chattanooga's Smooth Dialects. Kelly Kelso took some rad pictures of us that you can check out HERE!

 Merch has also been ordered, in a few short weeks we'll have shirts, lighters, koozies, and a fresh batch of stickers for y'all. 

And finally...

Tracking of the new record has begun! We're working with Jason Dietz of Twin Oak Production based out of Murfreesboro. Jason current plays around in a group called the Hardin Draw who are pretty rad and has also tracked great acts like Joe Buck (aka Joe Buck Yourself) and Scott Fernandez (our close friend and 12 string bass extraordinaire). Drums and bass are finished with the goal of having all of the tracking wrapped up before we break for Christmas. 

When we get back from doing Christmas things in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, we're doing a few quick dates on the road and capping it off with a New Years Eve celebration at everyone's favorite bar in Franklin, the Pond! We'll be joined be Deep Fried Five and the Funkonauts, come get weird with us!

We'll keep you guys posted on the rest of those late December dates as well as other things we have in the works for 2013. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Montezuma Election Machine

Get out to the polls today folks!

Short update, we're playing two dates in Tennessee with Shaggy Wonda from Indiana. Check em out, they're awesome folks and awesome players. We'll be at the End in Nashville on the 9th with Roots of a Rebellion and Bear in the Campsite as well as at Main Street Live with Afro on the 10th.



Monday, October 29, 2012

Montezuma Recap Machine

Hey guys, short update for you today. We officially have channels on both YouTube and Vimeo. Here's a video our own Chris Herlevic put together recapping our most recent October run. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Montezuma Midwest Recap Machine

Hello all, we're on the other side of three incredible days on the road in Lexington, Indianapolis, and Chicago. We here at MFM Incorporated like to give credit where credit's due, so we'd like to say THANK YOU to the following people/places/things:

  • The Past for putting us up in Lexington
  • Momma Kelso for hooking us up with a hotel room for two nights in Chicago
  • The Rock House Cafe in Indianapolis for taking such good care of a group on the road
  • Miqui Gutierrez for stepping in and absolutely killin' it on Tenor Sax
  • Anyone who bought a CD or had kind words to say about our music, y'all kept us going.
We filmed the sets in Indianapolis and Chicago so keep your ear to the ground for videos from both of those shows. Playing for everyone this weekend was a blast! Our next task is making this record happen, we'll keep y'all posted.

Te Amo


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Montezuma Midwest Invasion Machine

The past few days have been filled with some last minute scrambling and rehearsing and it has all paid off. Much gratitude go towards the people that helped make this weekend happen. Tomorrow we head out to the Midwest! We're hitting three cities we've never been to before and we'll be joined by our good friend Miqui Gutierrez on Tenor Saxophone for these dates. Miqui's done awesome work on his own in town with our buddies Deep Fried Five, AJ and the Jiggawatts, and Rosetta Groove plus countless other sideman gigs and we're stoked to have him along! Here's an UPDATED list of where we'll be and who we'll be with. 

  • 10/11 Lexington, Kentucky at Cosmic Charlie's with This Season's Color and The Past
  • 10/12 Indianapolis, Indiana at Rock House Cafe with Dell Zell, Polarizer, and No Pit Cherries
  • 10/13 Chicago, Illinois at Reggie's with Tonos Triad and Zaius
When we get back, we're making a record happen. As of now we aren't playing again until November but we will be sure to keep you posted on our doings. 

Much Love


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Montezuma October Machine

Hello all, it's been a minute since we posted and it's time to rectify that. If you're in Middle Tennessee, come catch us in the Boro at Wall Street with Opposite Box and Infinite Orange on the 29th! The Opposite Box dudes threw together a pretty sweet flyer, they're also playing in Clarksville the night before.

We have finished demos for the new record and we're in the process of getting incentives to the Kickstarter donators. Thanks again guys, we really could not have done this without your support. October is recording month but we're doing a 4 shows in 6 days that we're really stoked for.

 November has some shows in store for us as well. Hangar Production's website will also be up in a few days which we're stoked about. Also, shout out to our boys Roots of a Rebellion who killed it at Live on the Green last week and have a new EP coming out in a few weeks. 

More from us soon

Monday, September 10, 2012

Montezuma Thanks Machine

Not too much to report that wasn't covered in the last one, but the Kickstarter campaign ended today. We finished out with $3,307 from 24 people and are intensely grateful towards those who helped out. Cheers!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Montezuma September Machine

Welcome to September, folks.

Preparation for the record continues! Songs are being tweaked, concepts are being conceptualized, and we have DIY'd some acoustic paneling for our jam space in the hills of East Nashville (37206 represent!) so we can start cutting demos for the record ASAP.

As of now we have two shows booked for the month of September. Catch us FO FREE at the Exit/In on the 9th with Remerra and on the 17th at the Basement (not the Attic) with The Joy of Painting and others. Here's some more details about the 17th.

We have a few other shows in the works, we'll keep you guys posted on when and where those are going down once they manifest fully. Cheers!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Montezuma DONTON ANNAT Machine

Thursday night, we're bringing the noise to downtown Nashville. We haven't played downtown downtown (Lower Broadway for you locals keeping score at home) in about two years and some change so we're excited to be back. We're sharing the stage with two sick acts. The Jonathan Scales Fourchestra are a sick steel pan fronted instrumental group from Asheville, North Carolina who also have one of the punniest band names I've heard in a while. Also joining us are Two Bit Charlie, another Nashville group that we're stoked to be playing with. Here's some eyecandy for y'all, we'll see you guys at The Attic!

Saturday night at the Grind was a good time, the world needs more divey, cash only, haunted, late night coffee and hookah joints and the places like this that exist already need to have shows more often. Pre-production and click mapping continues, as does our Kickstarter campaign! We have met and exceeded our goal, if you want to get some cool stuff for pretty cheap and help us out with the record, you still have 13 days to donate.

More from us soon!  <3 MFM

Monday, August 20, 2012

Montezuma We Did It! Machine

Thanks to beautiful people like you, we have reached and surpassed our Kickstarter goal!

There are still 20 days left in the campaign for those who still want to chip in, we have great incentives for you guys. The link is right here.
In other news, we helped raise $700 the other night at the benefit show. All of the acts were superb, it was a great bill to be a part of. We're playing on the 25th at a new venue in the Boro called The Speedshop, here are the applicable details.

The pre-production for the new record has begun and so has the long process of making our first LP. They don't tell you about all of the work that goes behind making a record when you hear Metallica for the first time when you're 13 but we're really excited to be taking these preliminary steps. We have some great material in the works for you guys that we're really stoked to lay down. All for now, cheers!

Edit: The venue for the 25th has changed to The Grind! Same Bat place, same Bat time

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Montezuma Benefit Show Machine

Tonight's the night, we hope to see you guys at the Exit/In!

In other news, the Kickstarter is going VERY well. We are less than $250 from our goal! If you haven't checked it out yet, here's a link to our campaign page. Please throw us a few bucks if you support the cause.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Montezuma Indiana/Podcast Machine

Indiana, we'll see you guys tomorrow at 6:30 at the Green-Stock Music Fest! We'll be jamming out on the Barn Stage starting around 6:30 with some cuts from "Frown Like a Lord" as well as some new material.

In other news, we have been featured on the Jackass Penguin Show's Jazzy Selection, a podcast that focuses on unsigned progressive/jazz/fusion acts. Here's a permalink to Episode 45 which features our tune Mr. Meal as well as some other great acts from around the world. Cheers guys!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Montezuma First Post Machine

What's up?

We are Montezuma Fire Machine from Nashville, Tennessee. You can download our EP "Frown Like a Lord" for free on our Soundcloud page. 

We are in the midst of our Kickstarter campaign! If you've been to a show or have heard the EP and like what you hear, here's a really good way to get directly involved in helping us record our full length album. We have a lot of cool stuff in it for you if you donate. Check it out!

August has some cool stuff in store for us!
  • We're making our Indiana debut at the Green Stock Music Fest in Nashville, Indiana. We play on Friday the 10th at 6:30
  • Our buddy Matt Phillips is putting together a benefit show at the Exit/In in our Nashville on August 15th. Our buddies Deep Machine and Triggerman (who just finished tracking their new record!) will be joining us along with the Smith Brothers from Roots of a Rebellion, Solo Jones, and Erin McLendon. All of the proceeds go to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance to benefit the victims of the shooting in Aurora. 
  • We're playing the Attic in Nashville for the first time on the 30th with a sick group called The Jonathan Scales Fourchestra. We're super pumped for this show, these dudes are intensely talented.
Thank you for reading the inaugural post, check back for updates soon!

Edit: It turns out that the show on the 30th is actually at the Attic and not the Basement, sorry for the confusion.