Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Montezuma October Machine

Hello all, it's been a minute since we posted and it's time to rectify that. If you're in Middle Tennessee, come catch us in the Boro at Wall Street with Opposite Box and Infinite Orange on the 29th! The Opposite Box dudes threw together a pretty sweet flyer, they're also playing in Clarksville the night before.

We have finished demos for the new record and we're in the process of getting incentives to the Kickstarter donators. Thanks again guys, we really could not have done this without your support. October is recording month but we're doing a 4 shows in 6 days that we're really stoked for.

 November has some shows in store for us as well. Hangar Production's website will also be up in a few days which we're stoked about. Also, shout out to our boys Roots of a Rebellion who killed it at Live on the Green last week and have a new EP coming out in a few weeks. 

More from us soon

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