Monday, August 20, 2012

Montezuma We Did It! Machine

Thanks to beautiful people like you, we have reached and surpassed our Kickstarter goal!

There are still 20 days left in the campaign for those who still want to chip in, we have great incentives for you guys. The link is right here.
In other news, we helped raise $700 the other night at the benefit show. All of the acts were superb, it was a great bill to be a part of. We're playing on the 25th at a new venue in the Boro called The Speedshop, here are the applicable details.

The pre-production for the new record has begun and so has the long process of making our first LP. They don't tell you about all of the work that goes behind making a record when you hear Metallica for the first time when you're 13 but we're really excited to be taking these preliminary steps. We have some great material in the works for you guys that we're really stoked to lay down. All for now, cheers!

Edit: The venue for the 25th has changed to The Grind! Same Bat place, same Bat time

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