Friday, November 30, 2012

Montezuma November Update Machine

Hello! It's been a while since the previous update but the Bunker now has a new router!

Quick recap of recent events: 
We played Funksgiving at the Walnut House in Murfreesboro, TN with our good buddies the Funkonauts and Chattanooga's Smooth Dialects. Kelly Kelso took some rad pictures of us that you can check out HERE!

 Merch has also been ordered, in a few short weeks we'll have shirts, lighters, koozies, and a fresh batch of stickers for y'all. 

And finally...

Tracking of the new record has begun! We're working with Jason Dietz of Twin Oak Production based out of Murfreesboro. Jason current plays around in a group called the Hardin Draw who are pretty rad and has also tracked great acts like Joe Buck (aka Joe Buck Yourself) and Scott Fernandez (our close friend and 12 string bass extraordinaire). Drums and bass are finished with the goal of having all of the tracking wrapped up before we break for Christmas. 

When we get back from doing Christmas things in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, we're doing a few quick dates on the road and capping it off with a New Years Eve celebration at everyone's favorite bar in Franklin, the Pond! We'll be joined be Deep Fried Five and the Funkonauts, come get weird with us!

We'll keep you guys posted on the rest of those late December dates as well as other things we have in the works for 2013. 


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