Monday, August 27, 2012

Montezuma DONTON ANNAT Machine

Thursday night, we're bringing the noise to downtown Nashville. We haven't played downtown downtown (Lower Broadway for you locals keeping score at home) in about two years and some change so we're excited to be back. We're sharing the stage with two sick acts. The Jonathan Scales Fourchestra are a sick steel pan fronted instrumental group from Asheville, North Carolina who also have one of the punniest band names I've heard in a while. Also joining us are Two Bit Charlie, another Nashville group that we're stoked to be playing with. Here's some eyecandy for y'all, we'll see you guys at The Attic!

Saturday night at the Grind was a good time, the world needs more divey, cash only, haunted, late night coffee and hookah joints and the places like this that exist already need to have shows more often. Pre-production and click mapping continues, as does our Kickstarter campaign! We have met and exceeded our goal, if you want to get some cool stuff for pretty cheap and help us out with the record, you still have 13 days to donate.

More from us soon!  <3 MFM

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