Montezuma Fire Machine is a band that strives to set itself apart from what comes to mind when one thinks of music in Nashville, Tennessee. While it is difficult to avoid being thrown in with a specific musical genre or style of energy, they churn a cauldron of influences and accept that art is meant to provoke a reaction. MFM creates instrumental music that grows from each individual involved, and some of the musical interests and direction may be more pronounced than others, although all ingredients are equally important. The final product is a high impact concoction that combines progressive song-writing and versatility, coupled with a precise live show performed with smoldering energy that bridges the gap between musician's music and music for the masses.

MFM has been awake since 2009, and have undergone several player swaps since that time. They have shared the stage with local, regional, and national acts such as Kansas Bible Company, The Deep Fried 5, The Joy Of Painting, Snarky Puppy, Scott Fernandez, Roots Of A Rebellion, Ford Theatre Reunion, The Inscape, Detroit Mutant Radio, The Great Barrier Reefs, The Barry Mando Project, and Deep Machine (just to name a few).

The group's debut EP, “Frown Like a Lord”, derived from the group's namesake—Montezuma—was released for free online in the Fall of 2011, in DIY fashion. The band is currently working on fine-tuning material for their first full length album, "Astrolabe." This LP will represent material written over the span of the past three years that was conceived in practice, and proven live.

Words and music on a website will not tell the whole story, though. If one really wants to know MFM, the only true way to do this is to go to a live show and witness the Machine.

Chris Herlevic • Guitars/FX
Jeremy Abbott • Percussion
Chris Malone • Bass Guitar/FX/Didgeridoo
Chris Acree • Violin/FX/Theremin/Aux. Percussion
J.P. Clardy • Guitars

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