Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Montezuma Frost Machine

The sun is dying in the sky and seeks to leave us in the cold. The nights are long and beautiful, and the stars seem to shine more brightly with the winter air. Can you hear the wind calling through your windows? Howling and whistling, wailing and groaning! It can sometimes be insidious. Our violinist's trustworthy suburban steed The Beast of Burban (also lovingly known as Boat, or Thundernuts), our touring vehicle, got its eye poked out by a tree limb that smashed the windshield. The Beast is currently undergoing surgery at the automobile hospital.

In other news:

MFM recently had an excellent trip to Indianapolis for a Halloween show at Birdy's Bar and Grill. Our friends in Dell Zell hosted the event called Rocktoberfest. Joining us were Scumbelina, Minute Details, and Bleedingkeys. Beer flowed from pumpkin taps and madness ensued at the afterparty. Indianapolis has always been kind to us!

Our recent skip down to Franklin's The Pond on the 11th of November for the Monday Night Open Jam series proved to be great, as always.

The Fire Machine and JVLN have begun a monthly show at one of our favorite local watering holes, FooBAR, and today, November 13th, marks our next installment featuring local bass-alien Scott Fernandez and General Joystick.

We'll be supporting local metal chaps Flummox for their album release show at The Owl Farm on November 30th.

Also, our test vinyl pressing from Erika Records arrived in the mail! "Astrolabe" is cleared for launch after the long wait. Needless to say, we are excited to finally be able to bring this new collection of songs to you! A release date is being determined, and we'll be putting on a show to officially bring this mammoth into the world! More info on the release of "Astrolabe" will be coming soon.

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