Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Montezuma Exploration Machine

August is halfway over, and the Fire Machine has been sailing through uncharted waters for a period of time (since before our last post). We have learned a great deal about ourselves and what it means to work together, which is not always a calm rain. Storms come and go, however, and ultimately the challenge from these is to not allow them to impede progress. Steering around the flotsam and jetsam the best we can...

Recently, we have been working with some new companions. J.P. Clardy joins us now in electric guitarland, and Jeremy Abbott rains down hammers as our percussionist. As a working five-piece, we're busy at work on the music that we want to make. Music that we must make! It's a call from something ancient...engraved on our human temperament.

Great news!!! We have begun pressing our 12" vinyl record, titled "Astrolabe." This will be the second output of recordings by Montezuma Fire Machine, and if there is a way(s) to express how excited we are, then surely we will have difficulty hiding it when you see us playing these new tunes in concert! The combined feelings from our progressing sonic atmosphere and several fresh perspectives are visceral and inspiring. MFM cannot wait another minute!

We would like to say Thank You to the countless individuals who have been around to help and push us. Thank You, Thank You!

And now, onward and upward. Stand fast! Secure the rigging!

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