Friday, January 11, 2013

Montezuma Tonic Machine

     Hello all, we're officially on the other side of our Midwest extravaganza. Special thanks go out to John Sloan (Mercy Academy), Abby Vice, and Eric Meyers (Ford Theatre Reunion) for putting us up and for the shenanigans that ensued. The fine folks at the Charlie Tonic Hour had some very kind words to say about our gig in Lexington. Check out Episode 54 of their podcast as well as this write up that Ginny did about us!

We have a few more shows in the works for y'all, some in town and some out of town. Kickstarter incentives are also being sent out, we're still working on a few of the bigger items (posters, mugs etc) so stay posted. The last sessions for the record have also been booked, it feels good to be approaching the end of this phase of the process of making the album happen.

Our next show is in Nashville at the End on January 12th with our buddies Bear in the Campsite, Grooveshire (Cincinnati, OH), and Scott Fernandez

Stay tuned y'all

Peace, Love, and The New England Patriots,


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